About Us

In the current environment, management of personal finances is a life skill of increasing importance. The children of today will grow up to become young professionals or entrepreneurs who are likely to see high levels of income quite early in their career. Learning about basic financial concepts from a young age will hold them in good stead as they step out into the real world.

Let’s Talk Money offers a series of interactive, child-friendly workshops. The workshops cover fundamental concepts on personal finance, including income and expenses, differentiating between needs and wants, understanding why savings are essential, assets in which savings can and should be invested, managing risk through insurance and planning for financial goals.

Our workshops are:


We bring an element of fun into our workshops through activities that have been specifically created for relevant age groups. These include crossword puzzles, word searches, role plays and quizzes based on the financial concepts covered in our workshops.


Our presentations use real-life examples and metaphors that children can relate to in order to explain basic financial concepts. We convey technical concepts using language and examples that are simple to grasp.


Our specially designed curriculum is divided into 3 age groups so that concepts are covered in depth for older children while younger children enjoy a fun-filled introduction to the world of money matters.

In school and outside

We partner with schools to conduct our workshops across grades either during school hours or as an extra-curricular activity after school or during holidays. We are also able to conduct workshops privately in community-based activity centres or housing complexes for a sizeable group of participants.

We are a team of Chartered Accountants with extensive professional experience and an in-depth understanding of financial concepts. Our own children have been our inspiration. With typical child-like curiosity, they have been eager to learn about concepts such as income, spending wisely, savings, banking, interest and investments. Our experience shows that when financial concepts are explained with the help of relevant examples or metaphors that they can relate to, children have been able to grasp and understand them quite easily.

Our Team

Kavita Gunderia


Kavita is a Chartered Accountant with over 18 years of experience in professional services. During this time she has developed excellent training, presentation and business writing skills. She is a mother to two children aged 12 and 9 who enjoy reading, discussing and debating fiction, history and current affairs with their parents. Kavita is passionate about building financial awareness among children and young adults as she views this as a critical life-skill.

Urmila Sampath


Urmila is a Chartered Accountant with over 16 years of experience spanning a stint in professional services and in corporate finance for a large multinational. Apart from financial knowledge, she also has excellent inter-personal skills having worked with diverse groups of people over the years. She believes that all children and young adults should have basic knowledge about personal finances which will equip them with the necessary learning tools to manage their money as they start earning. She is also a mother to two children aged 12 and 8 who are passionate about the fine arts and are keen birders.